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Keeping Your Jack Lalanne Juicer in Top Condition

If you are a fitness freak and cannot wait to have a glass of juice after your workout session then having a juice pressing device at home is the best way to get fresh juices every day.

A Jack Lalanne juicer is a must for all those young and old people for whom juice is a vital element of their breakfast menu. The quality of the device is sturdy with stainless steel blades. The rotor blades, made with surgical quality steel, makes 30% extra extract and the residue pulp is almost dry. The juicer is fit for household purpose but not the ideal model for commercial usage, which tends to require a far more powerful motor since it would need to operate almost continuously during some phases of the day.

Despite having such high performance blades, it is recommended that you replace them after a year of use, and since it is made for domestic use, any kind of heavy wear and tear will not be good for the blades.

After the use the stainless blades should be carefully and thoroughly cleaned, which is easily done as all the components making up the juicer are detachable, and even the plastic interior can be cleaned easily cleaned.This should be done meticulously after each pressing session of use to avoid any fruit juices staining the interior.

Staining is not the only reason you will want it cleaned. If you are using it to press vegetables some like garlic can taint the juicer if left unattended.

In order to keep the workload of the motor low, it is advisable to slice hard fruits like pineapples and carrots in smaller portions. The juicer can help you with all those apple cookies where you need the pulp of the fruit to bake them.

What ever health drink you prefer, a Jack Lalanne Juicer is going to make the preparation a great deal easier.

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