Rick Waugh

FORFEX by Babyliss PRO FX670 Professional Cord/Cordless Clipper Review

I got the FORFEX by Babyliss PRO FX670 Professional Cord/Cordless Clipper (with Titanium/Ceramic Blade Set and Travel Case) because I cut my own hair and my wife uses it to cut our sons’ hair.  I chose the FORFEX because it has a “45mm fixed blade with titanium carbon coating and moving ceramic blade.”  I like to get the best, and it’s my understanding that titanium is the best, as clippers go. This is listed to be one of the few best cordless hair clippers.

This is a two-speed clipper.  The low speed is 6500 rpm, and the high speed is 8500 rpm.
There’s no need to hassle with different attachments to get the cut you want, the electric on/off switch on this clipper has a 5-position adjustable switch, those being 0.8mm, 1.3mm, 1.8mm, 2.3mm, and 2.8mm.  So with a simple adjustment, you can achieve the cut you want.

There’s an LED light that shows charging time.  In 70 minutes, you get 90 minutes of powerful cutting time.
The clipper comes with an illuminating charging stand, lubricating oil, cleaning brush and storage/travel bag.

I get a lot of use out of the travel bag because I do travel with my job and like to bring the clippers if my hair is starting to look a little shaggy.
The reason for the cost of this clipper, which is fairly high, is the technology behind it.  It combines the titanium/carbon comb and the ceramic cutter to reduce friction.  The result is a powerful motor that gives you the freedom to cut thick hair without stalling out.  It also has minimal vibration.


  • This clipper has less vibration than any clipper I’ve ever used. It’s a lot less fatiguing to use a clipper that doesn’t vibrate.  I love this clipper for that reason alone.
  • Gives an excellent cut.  I’m very happy with the quality of cuts I get with this clipper.
  • It’s a powerful battery-operated clipper.  I wouldn’t want to get just any battery-operated clipper because it’s important to have plenty of power for clipping hair.  This clipper definitely has plenty of power and holds it for 90 minutes.  A recharge is only about 70 minutes.
  • The clipper comes with a nice traveling case.  The case comes in handy for me because I do some traveling and sometimes pack the clipper in case my hair starts looking unruly while I’m away.


  • This is one of the more expensive clippers.  I did quite a bit of shopping around, and these clippers are on the high end for pricing.  If cost is a problem, you’ll probably have to go with a less expensive model.
  • Keep it only until the charge runs out. For the investment, I’d prefer to have an alternative source of power because this clipper works so well, I believe it could last beyond the life of the rechargeable batteries.

I strongly recommend the FORFEX by Babyliss PRO FX670 Professional Cord/Cordless Clipper with Titanium/Ceramic Blade Set and Travel Case.  If you’re cutting even just three people’s hair, you’re going to pay for it within a few months, and you’ll have a high quality clipper that will last a long while.  If you like to get the best, this is the clipper for you.

Paper Shredder Buying Guide – 5 Things to Consider

So, you’ve decided to buy a paper shredder – but don’t know where to start? There’s so much choice and you don’t know the difference between a strip cut and a cross cut shredder? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself that can help you decide on the right model for your needs:

1) What material will I be shredding?

Most people buy a shredder to shred sensitive paper documents – but some shredders can also shred credit cards, CDs and DVDs. Also you might find it easier to purchase a shredder which can handle paperclips and staples – as that means less work for you. So decide what kind of material you will be shredding and check to see which shredders can process it.

2) How much shredding will I be doing?

Depending on your requirements and the shredders on sale you may opt for a small desk side shredder – or an industrial beast! Shredders will sometimes come with recommended daily usage levels which can help you establish how suitable it will be for your needs – also check to see how many sheets of paper a particular shredder will handle at a time (sometimes referred to as sheet capacity).

3) Do I want a cross cut or strip cut shredder?

Shredders come in both strip cut and cross cut models. Strip cut shredders shred material into long strips whilst cross cut models (also known as confetti cut shredders) shred material into shorter narrower pieces. The smaller particle size offered by cross cut models means that they offer a higher security level. Another consideration is that strip cut shredder bins typically need more frequent emptying due to the larger size of shredded material that strip cut shredders produce.

4) What security level do I need?

Shredders come with different security levels to indicate how small the particles are that they shred material into. These levels range from 1 to 6 and are also often referred to as DIN levels. DIN level 6 is considered to be the highest security level but most users will not require their material to be shredded this finely.

5) Do I want any additional features?

Shredders these days come with a variety of extras, e.g. auto-start, safety locks, mechanisms that turn the shredder off when touched, jam proof systems, auto-oil features and more. So if any of these are important to you, be sure to check the shredder spec to see if they are included.